• HAND EMBOSSING (English)
  • HAND EMBOSSING (English)
  • HAND EMBOSSING (English)
  • HAND EMBOSSING (English)
  • HAND EMBOSSING (English)

Online class (Zoom) 4 hours.

Date: friday 18th and sunday 20th of December 2020.
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm GMT+1 (Spanish Time)

In this class we will study the technique of hand embossing.
We will start with a brief introduction to monoline capital based on the structure of Rudolf Koch's Neuland. Once we feel comfortable with our calligraphy we will start working on our design.
Having our design ready we will then start to see the techniques of cutting, sticking, and embossing.
As a result of the class we should have a clear understanding of the whole process and be able to emboss our calligraphy or simple illustrations such as christmas motives.

Material list:
Automatic pen , nibs or flat brush around 8/10 mm
Ink of your choice.
Watercolor paper or soft cardboard at least 300 gr.
Exacto knife, bar adhesive, tape and cutting mat.
Round punchers different sizes like the ones in the picture.
Light tablet or glass table with a lamp underneath.
Quality paper such as Arches, Clairfountaine, Garza paper or similar (soft paper not rigid)